CHI FAN Cookbook

101 Nordic everyday recipes in english and chinese



The dishes are those my family and I consider our favorites, all with my twist. To write a cookbook with as many recipes as 101 takes determination and commitment from the whole family. Each recipe has been cooked, tasted and photographed several times. My husband set the table while I photographed the dish and for a long time most of our evening meals became cold before we could sit down to dinner.


The first edition of CHI Fan Cookbook sold out fast. The second edition is now released, even more beautiful. You can get it from amazon if you don’t live in Sweden, if you live in Sweden you can get it from vulkan, adlibris, bokus or directly from me, just send me an email.





The book offers 101 simple, quick, everyday recipes that contain ingredients that are easy to find, and include starters, main courses, salads, sauces, dips, snacks and desserts. I authored CHI FAN cookbook when I lived in China. I hope it will make all of our lives easier - and tastier! Its perfect for expats wishing to have Western food on their table, either made by themselves, their Ayi or other helper. Its also ideal for any Chinese interested in Western food and culture.


When my family and I moved to china we knew there would be things we would long for. I started to translate my favorite recipes and cooked them with our Ayi. She really enjoyed cooking and testing new recipes and soon the word spread and many started asking for the recepies. I have dreamt about writing a book for a long time. Suddenly I realized that this was it. I love cooking and baking and enjoy my time in the kitchen very much. So does many of my friends.


I invited them to the help me, they choose some of my favorite recipes and tried them. They took pictures of the dishes and the design company decided which pictures would go in the book. The translation company did an amazing job and the printing company as well. I am proud of how it turned out.

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CHI FAN Cookbook


In 101 days my friends and I cooked, photographed and ate our favourite dishes. Enjoy




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"CHI FAN Cookbook is a great cookbook for anyone interested in food and culture, especially the traditional and new flavors of Scandinavian cooking and baking"